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15 Things Skippers Should Know About The Caribbean

by James Kell / IN Sailing Tips, Guide / August 27, 2016

"What Should I Know About Sailing In The Caribbean?"

If that is on your mind this post should help you. This post contains sailing tips designed for skippers who...

Sailing Qualifications Compared

by James Kell / IN Guide / August 02, 2016

Sailing Qualifications You Need To Get

Thinking of making a career out of sailing?  Or just want to charter a boat with your friends for a week?  If so, there...

Ten Items All Skippers Should Own

by James Kell / IN Guide, Gear / June 16, 2016

Ten Items All Skippers Should Own

You’re either about to spend some money on gear or want to know that you’ve got everything you need.  If you’re heading on an...


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