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What are the Virgin Islands Like Now? (2018)

by James Kell / IN Insider / March 30, 2018

Virgin Islands in 2018 are recovering steadily

If you are asking yourself the question "should I go to the BVI now?" you are not alone. This post covers what is...

Briefing: 6 Facts About The America's Cup

by James Kell / IN Insider / May 24, 2017

The 2017 America's Cup - Sailing Meets Flying

The business end of the 35th America's Cup has begun. It will be as fast as it is controversial. Both of these things...

Are Zero to Hero Skipper Courses Worthwhile?

by James Kell / IN Insider / January 12, 2017

The pros and cons of Fasttrack Skipper Courses

For those wanting to charter a boat or work in the sailing industry, qualifications are a must. One of the options is...

Which Sailing Organisation Is Best?

by James Kell / IN Insider, sailing, qualifications / August 17, 2016

ASA vs. IYT vs. RYA

Sailing Qualifications You Need To Get

by James Kell / IN Insider, sailing, qualifications / June 30, 2016

For anyone looking to make a career out of sailing or even to charter a boat with friends, certain qualifications must be obtained. This post gives a summary of...

Five Steps To Caribbean Sailing

by James Kell / IN Insider / November 23, 2015

Early in 2016 Sailing Instructor James Kell started his own sailing brand in the British Virgin Islands. This blog post gives the steps required to book your...


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