November 23, 2015 by James Kell

Five Steps To Caribbean Sailing



Early in 2016 Sailing Instructor James Kell started his own sailing brand in the British Virgin Islands.  This blog post gives the steps required to book your course to improve your sailing.

Why sail in the Caribbean? 

  • Sailing and warm water go together
  • Sailing is chilled: learn how to sail sans shouting
  • Fit the most into your Caribbean holiday

If you have ever thought about sailing now's the time to do something about it.  You have several options in choosing where to sail.  The Caribbean, and the British Virgin Islands, in particular, offer some great advantages.

Here are the steps you'll need to take to sail:

Step 1: Find a School

Find a school that will suit you.  Some schools are better than others.  In looking for a school get familiar with the instructor.  A good instructor who a) knows his/her sailing and b) is patient is key.

Step 2: Find out a course that suits

There are several organisations that certify sailing.  The UK has the Royal Yachting Association.  Canada (and most people in Superyacht-land) have International Yacht Training (IYT).  The US has the American Sailing Association (ASA).  They are all respectable.  Choose one.  Sailing Virgins will offer both IYT and ASA from October 2016 onwards.  Then within that, talk to your selected sailing school to choose the course that suits you.

Step 3: Book on this course

Find out when the courses run and book your course.

Step 4: Arrange your travel

Use a service like Kayak or Skyscanner to book flights.  If you have chosen Sailing Virgins, book your flight to St Thomas (STT) which offers more connections from the US than Beef Island (EIS).  A simple hour-long ferry ride from STT to West End on Tortola and you have arrived.

Step 5: Get sailing

If you would like help booking accommodation on either side of your course, let us know and we will make recommendations and even arrange on your behalf.


It's easy to get into sailing.  Book your course, book your flight and you open up a whole new world to yourself.  Click the button below if you'd like to stay abreast of sailing tips and the occasional piece of merchandise we give to our loyal base.


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