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Why Is France's Bay of Biscay So Badass?

by Martín Lyon / IN sailing, qualifications, sailing virgins, sailing course / June 16, 2022

Feared but respected among sailors, the Bay of Biscay (also called Valley of Death) has been the proving ground of sailors for centuries. Its many shipwrecks,...

Sailing Virgins Adopts NauticEd Platform

by James Kell / IN qualifications / December 08, 2016

Sailing Virgins engages the world's most advanced sail training platform.

Looking for the most efficient way to become a skipper? In our quest to find and work with...

Which Sailing Organisation Is Best?

by James Kell / IN Insider, sailing, qualifications / August 17, 2016

ASA vs. IYT vs. RYA

Sailing Qualifications You Need To Get

by James Kell / IN Insider, sailing, qualifications / June 30, 2016

For anyone looking to make a career out of sailing or even to charter a boat with friends, certain qualifications must be obtained. This post gives a summary of...


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