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Essential Gear for Your First Sailing Adventure (2023)

by James Kell / IN how to, Sailing Tips, Guide, General, Gear, vacation / April 24, 2023

Embarking on Your First Sailing Adventure: Must-Have Gear and Essential Tips

If the call of the open sea has you dreaming of crisp sea breezes, vibrant sunsets, and...

How to Pick Up a Mooring Ball

by James Kell / IN how to, Sailing Tips, youtube / April 08, 2018

Picking up mooring balls is a key sailing skill. Here's how to do it well. 

Picking up a mooring ball and securing it effectively to your boat is a technique. If it...

How To Anchor Stern-To (Video)

by James Kell / IN how to, Sailing Tips, youtube / March 25, 2018

Anchoring stern-to can be daunting. Here's how we do it.

Knowing how to anchor stern-to is critical if you want to enjoy your sailing vacation in the Mediterrenean....

How to Become a Yacht Week Skipper

by James Kell / IN how to, the yacht week / March 07, 2018

Possibly the Best Job In Sailing

Here at Sailing Virgins, we are often asked about what it takes to become a skipper for The Yacht Week. We should know: all...

How To Anchor - 10 Tips

by James Kell / IN how to, Sailing Tips / February 25, 2018

Anchor well, sleep well

Anchoring is a fundamental skill in sailing. However unless you are living on your boat or sailing for a living, there are several important...

Best Way To Get To Martinique

by James Kell / IN how to / November 04, 2017

From Boston To The French West Indies For $100

Looking for the best way to get to Martinique? Here are some suggestions that could help save you both time and...

Simplest Man Overboard Recovery Procedure

by James Kell / IN how to / October 17, 2017

My Favourite MOB Recovery: First 3 Steps

This blog post demonstrates my favourite, simplest Man Overboard (MOB) recovery procedure. In sailing, there is a saying...

7 Tips To Finding Your Perfect Crew

by James Kell / IN how to / September 06, 2017


The choice of people can make or break an experience. In sailing, there comes a time when you need to...

9 Tips for Chartering in the French West Indies

by James Kell / IN how to / August 14, 2017

Sailing in St Martin, St Barths, Guadeloupe and Martinique

The first question I get asked when mentioning chartering a yacht in the French West Indies (FWI) tends...

How To Prepare For A Sailing Course

by James Kell / IN how to / August 04, 2017

What to bring, what to read, where to go...

You've just invested in a sailing course and you want to come well prepared. This guide provides you with information...

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