November 26, 2018 by Eloise B

5 Reasons to Take an Adventure Sailing Course With Your Partner

Are you looking for an awesome alternative to a traditional holiday with your other half? While lounging by the pool is fun for a while, you'll have a much more memorable time if you book a real experience -- and an adventure sailing course is an excellent choice. Keep reading to find out why every adventurous couple should learn to sail together.

1. Adventure Brings You Together


Research shows that doing new and exciting things with your partner increases relationship satisfaction and makes you both feel happier -- sailing is great for this. As well as having loads of fun, you'll learn to problem solve and support each other through difficulties, which will serve you well later in the relationship.

2. Meet Other Adventurous Couples

Meet other couples

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Apparently, couples are more attracted to each other when they're out with another couple. That's right -- the concept isn't new: making friends with like-minded people will bring you closer together. Adventure sailing courses are great for this. You'll bond over learning new things and enjoying downtime together. When the course is over, you'll be part of a global network of young people, making it easy to find cool couples to join you on future sailing adventures.

3. Beats a Regular Vacation

Having a fun vacation

Lying on the beach may be fun, but it's pretty much like every other vacation. If you want a really memorable experience, an adventure sailing course is great for this. You'll enjoy all the regular holiday experiences -- nightlife, beach parties, and exploring new places -- but you'll also be levelling up your skills, trying things you've never done before. As a student Paul (38yo, married, from DC) wrote on a Tripadvisor review after recently finishing a course, "...if you made it this far, just go book."

4. Great Photo Opportunities

Pictures of your other half

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Let's be honest, capturing some great shots is an important part of most vacations. Although research shows over 40% of millenials now choose destinations based on their 'Instagrammability', most adventurous people just want the adventure. It's great to simply capture a fantastic adventure, which you can then share with family and friends. When you take an adventure sailing course, there'll be plenty of opportunities to snap cute candids of your other half maneuvering a boat, silhouettes of the two of you at sea, and group photos of you and all your new friends.

5. Future Sailing Vacations, Sorted

Learn new skills together

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Taking a sailing course isn't just a bit of fun one-off fun -- it's a great investment in future adventures. You and your partner will be equipped with the skills to take to the water in your own time. In fact, sailing holidays might become your new favourite thing. The younger you are, the easier it is to pick up the skills, so now is the best time to treat yourself to a sailing course.

Besides, sailing is shown to reduce stress, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and boost concentration, so you'll see the benefits in every area of your life.

Taking an adventure sailing course with your partner will strengthen your relationship, help you to make new friends together, provide tons of cool photo opportunities and set you up for a great future of sailing together. If you're ready to book a trip that's more than just a regular holiday, check out our courses today.

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