Martín Lyon

Martin was born Chilean but grew up in Uruguay. Always in contact with the sea through sailing and surfing he finished his Industrial Engineering degree before relocating to Barcelona. Went corporate for a couple of years but didn’t see himself in that world much longer so he quit and went back to sailing, becoming a skipper for a charter company in Ibiza and doing boat deliveries in the winter. Writing was always one of his creative outputs, collaborating with blogs and fanzines. During the winter he continues pursuing his creative passions through analog photography and playing with his indie band Camel Exilio.
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How to Pack for a Sailing Vacation

by Martín Lyon / IN vacation, sailing course, preparation / October 17, 2022

Whether you’re an experienced sailor or joining us to learn the fundamentals of sailing, here are some tips on what to bring on your upcoming sailing vacation....

Madeira is Crazy Beautiful.

by Martín Lyon / IN vacation, sailing course, Maderia / July 03, 2022

Picture the sandy beaches of the Balearics, the stunning landscape of Tahiti and the seaside villages of the Bay of Biscay. That is Madeira in a sentence....

Why Is France's Bay of Biscay So Badass?

by Martín Lyon / IN sailing, qualifications, sailing virgins, sailing course / June 16, 2022

Feared but respected among sailors, the Bay of Biscay (also called Valley of Death) has been the proving ground of sailors for centuries. Its many shipwrecks,...


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