May 10, 2023 by Cam Creigh

From Skipper to Sensei: How a Sailing Instructor Course Can Catapult Your Career

We've all heard the age-old saying, "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." But what if I told you there's a way to take your sailing skills from good to downright exceptional, and it doesn't involve braving tempests or wrestling rogue waves? Intrigued? Well, lean in closer, fellow sailors, because this might just be the career upgrade you've been searching for.

The Sailing Instructor Course: A Step Above

You're already a seasoned skipper. You've navigated waters both familiar and foreign, you've mastered the ropes (literally and metaphorically), and you've lived to tell the tales of your maritime adventures. But you're not one to rest on your laurels. You crave for more, yearning to continually upskill and evolve. Enter the Sailing Instructor Course.


This isn't just any course. It's a transformative journey that equips you with the knowledge, skills, and experience to not only excel in your personal sailing pursuits but to inspire and educate others on their sailing journey. By choosing the right course, like the one offered by Sailing Virgins, you're not only investing in your own professional development, but you're also shaping the future generation of sailors.

Get to Know a Destination Intimately: Croatia Like Never Before

This isn't about ticking off another country on your world map or adding a new stamp in your passport. This is about immersing yourself in a place so deeply that its rhythm syncs with yours. And when that place is Croatia, an enchanting tapestry of azure waters, sun-soaked islands, and vibrant maritime culture, the experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Picture this: You're based in historical Split, a city that beautifully balances the old and the new. By day, you're out on the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, maneuvering your boat with the agility of a maestro conducting his orchestra. By night, you're exploring the cobblestone streets of the old town, soaking in the rich history and savoring the tantalizing local cuisine.


But this isn't a holiday. This is your classroom. This is where the magic happens. The Sailing Virgins Instructor Course in Croatia doesn't just teach you how to sail; it immerses you in an unforgettable adventure that changes the way you look at the world, and more importantly, how you look at yourself as a sailor.

Next, we'll explore how this experience can expand your professional network and elevate your sailing education with the unique "Sailing Virgins Way." 

Broaden Your Network of Sailing Professionals: It's Not Just What You Know

Sure, being a skilled sailor is about knowing your knots, navigating the seas, and managing your vessel. But anyone who's been in the industry long enough will tell you that sailing, like many professions, is also about who you know. The connections you forge can open up opportunities, share wisdom, and even save your bacon when you're in a pickle out at sea.

The Sailing Instructor Course is more than a learning journey—it's also a networking goldmine. Imagine being in the company of like-minded sailors, all striving for mastery, all eager to share their stories and insights. This course is an opportunity to forge bonds, share experiences, and build relationships that can serve your career for years to come. The camaraderie built during intense learning and shared experiences has a way of turning course mates into lifelong friends and valuable professional contacts.

sailing virgins instructors jake orlagh and cam

The Sailing Virgins Way: Sailing Education Reimagined

Here's the kicker: this isn't your typical sailing course. This is the Sailing Virgins way—the highest-rated sailing school globally for a reason. We believe in breaking the mold and charting our own course when it comes to sailing education. How do we do this? By blending rigorous practical training with an adventurous, fun-loving spirit that turns learning into a memorable experience.

In the Sailing Instructor Course, this ethos comes alive. You'll delve deep into complex sailing concepts, yes. But you'll also enjoy the thrill of sailing at high speeds, feeling the wind in your hair and the spray of the sea on your face. You'll learn how to manage a crew, but you'll also learn how to manage yourself—your fears, your strengths, your leadership style.

This course isn't just about becoming a better sailor—it's about becoming a better version of yourself.

Coming up, we'll uncover how this course can lead you to the highly sought-after American Sailing instructor qualifications.

Attaining American Sailing Instructor Qualifications: The Cherry on Top

It's time to talk about the elephant in the room—or should we say, the albatross around the neck of many a sailing instructor—the coveted American Sailing instructor qualifications. These qualifications are recognized across the globe and can be your passport to international sailing opportunities. With them in your toolkit, you'll be a hot commodity in the sailing world, capable of teaching and inspiring the next generation of sailors.


ASA Instructor Evaluator and Sailing Virgins founder James Kell

In the Sailing Instructor Course, we don't just prepare you to pass the certification exams—we set you up for a successful career in sailing. We go beyond the standard curriculum, infusing every lesson with real-world insights gleaned from our own experiences out on the water. Our goal is not just to teach you how to sail, but to inspire you with a love for sailing that you can pass on to your future students.

Sailing Towards Your Future

To sum it up, the Sailing Instructor Course with Sailing Virgins in Croatia is more than just a stepping stone in your sailing career. It's an opportunity to deepen your understanding of sailing, expand your network, learn from the best in the business, and earn globally recognized qualifications. All this, while exploring the breathtaking beauty of the Croatian coast.

So, why just read about it? Experience it for yourself. Applications for the next Instructor Course this July, run by Sailing Virgins founder James Kell, are open. It's time to hoist the sails and navigate toward your future. You know the saying: the best way to predict your future is to create it. So, come and create it with Sailing Virgins this July in Croatia.

We can't wait to see you on board!


Ready to be an Instructor?

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