September 22, 2016 by James Kell

It's started people


Sailing Virgins is go.  Started.  It's like being at the start of a race with two other people.   I think it's two.  Could be just one and a heat-inspired mirage.  Such a long way away.  Anyway point is, it feels alone.  But not lonely.  Then we start the race, a couple more people join, then a few more.  And a few more.  More people, joining in, now a lot more.  So many now that we now feel just a part of the whole.  Actually the whole of the whole as well.  Both.  And that's what's cool.  Welcome to Sailing Virgins.  I am honoured in the deepest way to have you join in.

Sailing Love with brothers and sisters from The Yacht Week.  Thanks Hagop for the image.

This sentence I wrote to appease the seo algorithm.  Serious.  It tells me too many sentences are in the passive.  Not any more.   And it also didn't like a lack of transition words.  So I have added more.  And even more.  So finally it gives me a green light.  OK as you can see we should be teaching sailing not trying to be SEO experts.

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