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A sailor and photographer, Kell started Sailing Virgins in 2016.
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Boat Safety Briefing - Tips

by James Kell / IN Sailing Tips, safety brief yacht / February 10, 2018

How to give a great safety briefing

As the captain, you will need to give a safety briefing. Let’s make you great at it. Watch the video below and give us some...

10 Tips To Check Out A Charter Boat

by James Kell / IN charter boat, sailing virgins, check out / January 01, 2018

Be a boss at check-out

Ever wanted a checklist to help you check out your bareboat charter yacht? Our very first YouTube episode addresses this part of sailing, and...

Island Adventure - Trip Review, November 2017

by James Kell / IN Trip Notes, island adventure, trip review / December 09, 2017

Week 45, November 2017

The trip review here describes our journey from Martinique to Grenada, over two weeks in November 2017. An amazing two weeks with several...

Best Way To Get To Martinique

by James Kell / IN how to / November 04, 2017

From Boston To The French West Indies For $100

Looking for the best way to get to Martinique? Here are some suggestions that could help save you both time and...

Simplest Man Overboard Recovery Procedure

by James Kell / IN how to / October 17, 2017

My Favourite MOB Recovery: First 3 Steps

This blog post demonstrates my favourite, simplest Man Overboard (MOB) recovery procedure. In sailing, there is a saying...

What Happens After A Hurricane

by James Kell / IN opinions / October 10, 2017

How long it will take the BVI to recover

This blog post looks at hurricanes, and how an area bounces back. We write with the British Virgin Islands - the birthplace...

7 Tips To Finding Your Perfect Crew

by James Kell / IN how to / September 06, 2017


The choice of people can make or break an experience. In sailing, there comes a time when you need to...

9 Tips for Chartering in the French West Indies

by James Kell / IN how to / August 14, 2017

Sailing in St Martin, St Barths, Guadeloupe and Martinique

The first question I get asked when mentioning chartering a yacht in the French West Indies (FWI) tends...

How To Prepare For A Sailing Course

by James Kell / IN how to / August 04, 2017

What to bring, what to read, where to go...

You've just invested in a sailing course and you want to come well prepared. This guide provides you with information...

Case Study: Choosing a Sailing Course

by James Kell / IN Interview / July 31, 2017

How 28-year-old Harvard student Chris got into sailing

If you're in your 20's or 30's, from the Northeastern US and are considering doing a sailing course, hear...

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