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A sailor and photographer, Kell started Sailing Virgins in 2016.
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How To Prepare For A Sailing Course

by James Kell / IN how to / August 04, 2017

What to bring, what to read, where to go...

You've just invested in a sailing course and you want to come well prepared. This guide provides you with information...

Case Study: Choosing a Sailing Course

by James Kell / IN Interview / July 31, 2017

How 28-year-old Harvard student Chris got into sailing

If you're in your 20's or 30's, from the Northeastern US and are considering doing a sailing course, hear...

14 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Sail In The Caribbean

by James Kell / IN how to / July 29, 2017


Wondering where to have your next sailing vacation? If you are, below we list some...

Trip Review: Sailing Virgins Sails Down Island

by James Kell / IN places / July 21, 2017


Tuesday, July 18, Fort de France:  We freshly arrive in Martinique (Google maps has us here) after our July...

Briefing: 6 Facts About The America's Cup

by James Kell / IN Insider / May 24, 2017

The 2017 America's Cup - Sailing Meets Flying

The business end of the 35th America's Cup has begun. It will be as fast as it is controversial. Both of these things...

How Safe Is Sailing?

by James Kell / IN how to / May 17, 2017

Six Ways to Reassure You Sailing Is Safe

Planning a sailing vacation in the Caribbean or Mediterranean? If you are, you or someone in your group may be asking how...

Eight Apps Every Sailor Should Have

by James Kell / IN sailing, iphone, apps / April 09, 2017

Sailing Apps We Love

Are you looking for some apps to help you with your sailing? Here we list eight apps that we find very useful. Not all are sailing-specific....

Buying a boat? This will save you $10K

by James Kell / IN how to / February 23, 2017

Tips and tricks if you want to buy a boat

If you are looking to buy a boat you’ve got plenty of questions. I've been there. You hear plenty of stories like "the two...

Becoming a Skipper in the BVI: Celine (Video)

by James Kell / IN how to / February 10, 2017

A week spent sailing in the British Virgin Islands

How To Be More Adventurous

by James Kell / IN how to / January 19, 2017

Want more adventure? Here are some tips.

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but...

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