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Why Is France's Bay of Biscay So Badass?

by Martín Lyon / IN sailing, qualifications, sailing virgins, sailing course / June 16, 2022

Feared but respected among sailors, the Bay of Biscay (also called Valley of Death) has been the proving ground of sailors for centuries. Its many shipwrecks,...

Top 10 Fishing Tips While Sailing

by Ali File / IN sailing, tips, fishing / June 14, 2022

Catching your own fish while sailing is a passion of many a sailor. Many of the most popular sailing destinations, such as the Bahamas and the British Virgin...

Eight Apps Every Sailor Should Have

by James Kell / IN sailing, iphone, apps / April 09, 2017

Sailing Apps We Love

Are you looking for some apps to help you with your sailing? Here we list eight apps that we find very useful. Not all are sailing-specific....

Best Sailing Schools in the BVI - How To Choose

by James Kell / IN sailing / November 29, 2016

Best Sailing Schools in the BVI - 6 Tips to Help You Choose

Looking to become a skipper? If so you need to find yourself a great school. This post specifically...

The 5 Most Charming Places In The Caribbean

by James Kell / IN sailing, places / November 10, 2016

The Sailing Virgins Caribbean Charm List

"Where are the most charming spots in the Caribbean?"

Sailing for many of us is about exploring cool places. While sailing...

Notes from a Caribbean Sailing Adventure

by James Kell / IN sailing / November 03, 2016
October 2015

“What is a Caribbean Sailing Adventure like?”

Some people dream of sailing between the myriad islands of the Caribbean. They dream of harnessing...

Sailing Virgins makes number one in Huffington Post!

by James Kell / IN sailing / September 19, 2016

Huffington Post recently published "10 Best Sailing Adventures For You And Your Mates", with Sailing Virgins in the number one spot. If you'd like to see a summary...

9 Things You Need For Great Barefoot Cruises

by James Kell / IN sailing, how to / September 08, 2016

Get this right and you'll have the best. vacation. everrrr...

Barefoot Cruises are some of the best vacations you'll ever have. No shoes = barefoot = warm weather...

15 Sailing Tips For Skippers In The Caribbean

by James Kell / IN sailing / August 27, 2016

"What Should I Know About Sailing In The Caribbean?"

If sailing in the Caribbean is on your mind this post should help you. This post contains sailing tips designed...

Which Sailing Organisation Is Best?

by James Kell / IN Insider, sailing, qualifications / August 17, 2016

ASA vs. IYT vs. RYA

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